About Us

About Us

The Roxy Theater originally opened in downtown Franklin during the summer of 1938. For the next two decades the Roxy was operated as a movie theater with over 800 seats. By the mid 1960s the Roxy Theater Building entered into the second stage of its life when it was converted into municipal office space. Now, over seventy years after it originally opened, the Old Roxy is once again entering into a new and exciting stage of life.

Currently the Old Theater portion of the Roxy of Franklin has reopened as an event center hosting everything from concerts to wedding receptions to business functions.

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We would love to hear from anyone out there who has any memorabilia from the Roxy in its heyday, or just a great story involving it.

For more information about the Roxy, the types of events possible, rates, conditions, etc., visit our Events page for complete details.